With the increased harmful and side-effects of pharmaceuticals, most of the people are in a quest for alternative harmless alternatives of medicine. To be more specific, the Americans have lessened their usage of medicines to a greater extent. Lest the chemical treatments, the masses have adopted the herbal treatments such as aromatherapy which basically use the essential oils extracted from plants to treat different ailments. But the truth is the treatments using essential oils cannot be regarded as a substitute for medical treatment. Rather, a consultation with the physician is necessary before taking the oil treatments as a replacement for their medical care.

The uses of these oils as healthy living oils are manifold when compared to other treatments. Some medical experts suggest the oils for using in a variety of problems from anxiousness to respiratory assistance. Marigold oil is used to treat bruises, cuts and skin inflammations. Citronella oil is an effective remedy of cold and influenza ailments, along with stimulation of immune system. Lavender oil seems to be a perfect solution for all kinds of asthma, bronchitis and breathing problems. Patchouli oil greatly influences the nervous system by alleviating the problems of stress, anxiety and depression.

In spite of the innumerable benefits of aromatherapy and the oils, they too are related to a certain amount of risk like chemicals. They sometimes provoke allergic reaction in certain people. Due to the presence of concentrated chemical compounds in these oils, they may be poisonous at a low degree when consumed or absorbed into the skin at excess amounts. It is said that thyme oil is found to contain thymol which arouses respiratory problems, headache, nausea, fatigue and vomiting. Also, Eugenol is capable of developing malign cancerous tumors which is risky.

Thus, similar to the two sides of a coin, the oils used in aromatherapy too possess positive as well as negative characteristics which are fruitful as well as unsafe. So, usage of essential oils for a healthy living requires knowledge about the proper usage of them pertaining to the amount and technique of usage.

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